Robin Williams Family Torn Apart Over Fortune

A feud has reportedly erupted between Robin Williams’ widow who married him in 2011 and his children over his estate. INSIDE EDITION has details.

Just six months after the tragic suicide of beloved actor Robin Williams, his family is feuding over his $50 million fortune.

Williams' widow, Susan, who married him in 2011, has filed a lawsuit demanding her late husband's watches, movie posters, theatre masks, comic books, and action figures.

Attorney Royal Oakes told INSIDE EDITION, "It's really remarkable when Robin Williams left tens of millions of dollars the squabbling is over some jewelry, some photographs, some movie posters. But that's essentially what the kids and the widow are fighting over." 

Williams' widow claims his children removed many of his treasured belongings from the waterfront home they shared near San Francisco within days of his tragic death last August.

In court papers, she said she was "frightened" (of the children) invading her home, and "was not given the time to grieve her loss free from the frenetic efforts to interfere with her domestic tranquility."

A family spokesman said the children are heartbroken over the feud, saying, "Robin's children want nothing more than to grieve. They have been barred from what had been their father's home."

Attorney Royal Oakes added, "But it may be necessary for the court to go line-by-line. Every movie poster, every award, every photograph and decide. It goes to the kids, or it goes to the widow."