How David Hasselhoff's Ex Saved Herself in Dog Attack

INSIDE EDITION speaks with David Hasselhoff's ex-wife, Pamela, about surviving a vicious dog attack and the things she did to protect herself.

David Hasselhoff's ex-wife is speaking out about the attack by three dogs that left her with serious wounds.

INSIDE EDITION asked Pamela, “Three dogs attacked you?”

She replied, “Yes.”

She was then asked, “Are you okay?”
“No, I’m not okay,” she replied.

Using crutches, she struggled to get into her car as she left a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills. It’s clearly agony for the 51-year-old actress just to move.

“I'm just in so much pain,” she declared.

She says she was attacked by three bulldogs at the home of a friend and of all people, he's a    personal injury attorney named Lee Arter. Two bulldogs are pictured on his Facebook page.

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret was outside the house where David Hasselhoff's ex-wife says she was attacked by three bulldogs. He said, ”Even from out on the street you could hear dogs barking inside the house. The home's owner, Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff’s longtime friend, refused to talk about the incident when we approached him.”

Arter told our cameras, “I'm not answering your questions. I don't know who you are!”

As bad as these injuries are, they might have been much worse.

Pamela told INSIDE EDITION she shielded her face and neck with her arms during the attack and that may have saved her life.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to animal expert Diane Bonsignore in New York who demonstrated what to do if a dog attacks.

She said, "You want to protect your neck. You want to protect your head if you fall to the ground, get in sort of a curled position. Protect all of the organs and hope that you are just going to get bit in the arms. Of course, tuck your fingers in."

Pamela and David Hasselhoff were married for 17 years and have two daughters together. Now, she faces a long and painful recovery.

"Send prayers for me. I will get through this," she told INSIDE EDITION.