Male Model Dies of Anorexia

INSIDE EDITION follows up on a story we reported on earlier this year about a male model who suffered from anorexia, and has now died from the disorder.

He had looks to die for.  A hunky male model with a totally ripped body and Hollywood good looks.

It's frightening to imagine what he became.  In an interview with INSIDE EDITION earlier this year, Jeremy said,  "I have no body fat, basically."

Frail and emmaciated.  Viturally skin and bones.  Over the years we've followed Jeremy Gillitzer's battle with male anorexia.  Now, we have sad news to report.  He's dead at the age of 38.  He weighed just 66 pounds.

His grieving mom Diane says Jeremy had shut himself off from his family and starved himself to death.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked Gillitzer's mother, "What were your last words to your son?"

"My last words to him was 'I love you' and I gave him a hug," said Gillitzer's mother.

Jeremy was down to just 92 pounds when we interviewed him in 2008.  In that interview he said, "Oh I do want to live, definitely."

Jeremy captured himself on video one last time before he died and posted it on the internet where he said to the camera, "I miss me very much."

Reporter Kevin Hoffman, of the Minnieapolis paper Citypages watched Jeremy waste away.

Hoffman said, "I think he missed the life he once had.  I think he missed being attractive, and being in a normal world, and being in control.  You know when I heard of Jeremy's death, I wasn't surprised at all.  In a sad way, I was almost scanning the obituary pages waiting for his name to appear," said Hoffman.

Even though Jeremy knew he was going to die, he still couldn't bring himself to eat.

"It was painful too look at him.  His body was struggling to move and to breathe.  Everything was laborious for him.  When we would interview, he would often have to take breaks every 15 minutes," said Hoffman.

When INSIDE EDITION interviewed Jeremy, we watched him force down a few bites of yogurt.  He was a far cry from the once strapping male model.