Shocking Marriage Falls Apart

INSIDE EDITION has the story of the 37-year-old teacher who married a teenage student. She went to jail for their affair and even have two kids together! People said it wouldn't last. Now, they are calling it quits.

Skeptics said it wouldn't last. The Georgia mom and the teenage boy toy she went to prison for having a baby with. Well, guess what, the skeptics were right.

Lisa Lynette Clark has called it quits with her lover-turned-husband, Adrian Gonzalez as INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent discovered.

She told Trent, “It was doomed from the beginning, I mean, that's a given, everybody knew that.”

He asked Gonzalez, “How did it get to this point? I have video of you professing your undying love for this woman.”

Gonzalez said, “It wasn't exactly the ideal marriage.”

Clark was 37 and eight months pregnant with Gonzalez’s child when she appeared in court in 2006. A former substitute teacher, she met 15-year-old Gonzalez through her son. Even though she and Gonzalez were married by this point, she was sent to jail.

After Clark got out of prison, she and Gonzalez resumed their relationship.

He said then, "I love her as much as I did, if not more."

But that was then and this is now.

Not only has the couple split, Gonzalez insisted INSIDE EDITION do their interviews in separate hotel rooms.

Trent said, “It seems a little crazy that I’m interviewing you in this room and Adrian’s over here.”

She said, "I don't know."

When they did briefly get together in the same room, they were surprisingly frank about their marriage.

She said, “I knew the possibilities were slim to none.”

Trent asked, “Did you know that?”

“Yeah, but I tried. I did the best I could,” Gonzalez replied.

The couple has an adorable six-year-old daughter named Star. Clark is now 46. She and Gonzalez both say they just "grew apart."

Gonzalez mentioned, “The age was a big issue. Not like personality wise. I'm 24, 24 married at 15.”

Clark also says she has changed a lot since the scandalous affair that landed her in prison.

She said, “I'm more responsible now, more mature I guess you could say.”

Trent asked him, “Was it a mistake getting involved with Lisa?”

“It was a mistake, now that I look back on it and see all the chaos that it's caused in my life and her life,” he replied.

Trent asked, “Some people look at this story and have little sympathy considering how this relationship started. What do you think about that?”

She said, “I can't help it if somebody doesn't have sympathy for me. I probably wouldn't have sympathy for me either. Even now, when I see something on the news I think, ‘Did you not learn from me?’ I'm thinking, ‘You saw how well this worked out, what are you doing?’”