Is the Hoverboard Real? Watch Magician Prank People!

Watch a magician convince people he's flying on a hoverboard!

Back in 1985 Marty McFly jumped to 2015 and discovered the hoverboard and now it looks like some unsuspecting people got to experience it firsthand.

Well sort of…

Since Back to the Future Part II became a worldwide phenomenon and to this day a cult classic, we all truly want the hoverboard to be really revolutionizing transportation. Well now, well-known YouTube sensation Rahat the Magician used his levitation skills recently to prank some park goers and the reactions were priceless.

Like any good magician, Rahat won’t reveal the secret to his hoverboard trick. He does mention in his video that he uses a simple levitation illusion and attached a hoverboard to his feet.

Watch the above video and try to see if you can figure out his methods and tune in to INSIDE EDITION tonight!