Mom Allegedly Kidnaps Six-Year-Old To Teach Him a Lesson

A little boy, whose family wanted to teach him a lesson, allegedly hired a man to stage a kidnapping and terrorize the child. INSIDE EDITION takes a look at the traumatic effects this might have on the youngster.

What a sickening crime. A cute little boy was kidnapped and terrorized, allegedly by his own mother, grandmother, and aunt.
The motive? To “teach him about stranger danger” and “scare him because he is too nice to people.” [Source: Sheriff’s Report]

Police say the six-year-old's family asked 23-year-old Nathan Firoved to lure the boy into his pick-up truck. Then, he bound his hands and feet, covered his face, and told him he would "never see his mommy again."

The little guy was taken to the basement of his own home near St. Louis, Missouri, but the terrified child didn't know where he was because he couldn’t see.

Police say he was told he would be "nailed to the wall" and "sold into sex slavery."  

Lt. Andy Binder told INSIDE EDITION, “This was all being monitored by the grandmother sitting upstairs listening on a baby monitor system. This went on, we believe, for four hours.”

When he was finally released, police say his mom told the boy it was to teach him a lesson he would never, never forget which is, don't ever talk to strangers.  

The next day, the child told his teachers what happened and they called authorities. All four adults have now been charged with kidnapping and child abuse.

Psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Gardere told INSIDE EDITION, "This child may be traumatized in ways that may show up, not in the near future, but probably later on in his life."

Lt. Andy Binder says the case was especially shocking for him. He said, “As someone who was briefly abducted at the age of five years old, I remember and feel the tension, the frightening events that were going on around me. Knowing what this young man thought, and that his parents did it to him? There’s no excuse for that.”