Dr. Phil To Vanderbilt Rapist: 'What The Hell Were You Thinking?'

One of the ex-Vanderbilt football players who was convicted of raping a fellow female student opened up to Dr. Phil about his actions that landed him behind bars. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Dr. Phil sat down with Cory Batey, one of the ex-Vanderbilt football players convicted of raping a co-ed in an attack that was recorded on cell phones.    

Dr. Phil asked Batey, “I look at the events of that night and what happened to that girl and I look at your conduct on that tape. I have to ask you, what the Hell were you thinking? What the Hell were you thinking?”

“I was drunk out of my mind so, I don't think I was thinking,” he replied.

Dr. Phil asked, “When you're in court and they're playing those videos and that young woman is there, did you look at her?”
“No sir, I couldn't. I could barely look at the images. I wish she could know the type of person I am,  I hate that she had to see me in that light and think I’m that person, because I’m not, I’m really not,” Batey said.

Dr. Phil questioned Batey about text messages he sent to friends after the assault referring to the victim as a "B"-word. 

Dr. Phil asked, “Was she some bitch then? When you were in court and she's watching these things you did to defile her.  Was she some bitch then?”

Just last week, Batey, along with the victim's boyfriend, Brandon Vandenburg, was found guilty last week.

Disturbing surveillance video showed Vandenburg carrying the unconscious victim inside his campus dorm building. It was played in the court during the trial and was shown exclusively on 20/20 last week. He and another teammate were seen dragging her out of the elevator.

Batey told Dr. Phil, “That's just not a clear representation of who I am. As they were showing this stuff as the trial went on, I just couldn't believe it was me. It was hard to put myself in that person's shoes, and I can't express how sorry I am for my actions.”  

Dr. Phil fired back and said, “But it was you. And you said you were drunk out of your mind. What do you mean by drunk out of your mind? When you woke up the next morning, did you remember what took place? “

The Dr. Phil interview airs Monday, February 9th. 

Batey and his co-defendant will be sentenced on March 6th. They face decades in prison. Two more former players have yet to go on trial.