Unrecognizable! What Happened To Uma Thurman's Face?

Uma Thurman’s appearance at the premiere of her new TV series has many people asking why she was almost unrecognizable. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Recognize this woman?

It's Uma Thurman! She has a new TV show but all anyone's talking about is her new look.

The internet went into overdrive after Uma's appearance on the red carpet for the premiere of her new NBC drama The Slap.

"What's Going On?" asked one headline.

"Whoa! What Happened to Uma?" said another.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Yagoda told INSIDE EDITION, "The first thing that strikes me on the after photo is that her eyelids look uneven. The lid crease is not made exactly at the same height on both eyes during the surgery leading to this asymmetry or difference between the two eyes. I think her cheeks look a little bit different, I wouldn't be surprised if somebody had put filler in the cheeks. There seems to be a lot more plumpness and maybe even a little filler in the temple area. It's kind of giving her face shape more of an oval shape, and less like the shape she started out with."

The reaction to Uma's new appearance has reminded many of the uproar over Renée Zellweger's new look last year. She looked like a completely different person, nothing like the Bridget Jones character her fans came to love.

Now we are left to wonder if Uma Thurman has joined the club of classic beauties who perhaps have gone too far to stay young.