An Inside Look at the Place That's Been Called Polygamy Town USA

A tour company is offering a guided bus tour through a place that's been called Polygamy Town USA for a glimpse into a world seen by few people, until now.  INSIDE EDITION has the story.    

It's a glimpse into one of the most secretive societies in America.  Incredibly a tour company is now offering a guided bus ride through a place that's been called Polygamy Town USA, the same community once run by convicted polygamist Warren Jeffs.     

Most of the people living here clearly don't welcome this new attention.
The tour starts in Hildale, Utah. Women here wear long prairie dresses and even though it's illegal, many share a single husband.

INSIDE EDITION's producer, Nicole Ullerich was on the tour.

"We just pulled into the town where actual polygamists live.  Outsiders are not invited into this area."

Some streets are lined with mansions where multiple wives live with dozens of children. We spot a family doing yard work.

One woman actually approached the bus.

"It's a lie. Don't believe any of it."
This extremely private community is known for its hostility towards outsiders.  Our Matt Meagher experienced that when he tried to visit three years ago.

"This is a private community nobody invited you in here.  And just so you know the mountain up there, we own it and if I see any of you guys up there I will call the cops!"

The tour is actually run by one of the community's own residents, former polygamist Richard Holm, who charges $70 a person for the tour.

It's like stepping into another world and another time.

We stopped at Warren Jeffs walled compound.  We saw a local park and watched families kick and throw a ball around while others picnic.  And we visit a small market that runs on the honor system. Customers just leave money for the food they buy.

One woman finally agreed to talk with us.

"I'm so very grateful to bein the peaceful place to raise my children because I've been out and I know what is out there."

But all along our tour, we noticed that we are being watched as well.

It's a group that remains suspicious of outsiders looking in on their remote and private world.