Parking Lot Life Hack: Breaking the Code

INSIDE EDITION has life hacks that will help you find a great parking space every time.

Fights over parking spots are happening all across the nation and they can get downright violent as seen in various YouTube videos.
In one video, people were nearly rundown as a driver violently plowed into their car.

In an additional video another angry driver was so furious, he crashed into a parked car just to squeeze into the space he wanted.

Another video showed an angry man, a dentist of all people, actually shove a driver away from his car and got into a fist fight because he was apparently upset that the car blocked a parking lot entrance.

No question about it, looking for a parking spot can be incredibly frustrating. Now, INSIDE EDITION is breaking the code and showing you what works and what doesn't when seeking out a parking spot.

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret headed to a crowded parking lot at a mall in Manhattan Beach, California. He started the search for the perfect spot by using the technique known as circling.

During his attempt, he said, “I circle and circle but no luck.”

Next, he tried a different method known as stalking. It's not as bad as it sounds, it's just when you follow shoppers exiting the mall.

Moret said, “Here we go, folks are returning to their car.” He followed a couple hoping they would be leaving. It turned out they were not leaving, just grabbing something from their car.

But mathematician Joe Pagano says he's cracked the crowded mall parking dilemma.

He said, “I developed this actually because I’m trying to show how mathematics can actually work in the real world.”

Pagano says find an aisle close to the mall entrance with at least 20 spaces, then stop and wait. The average shopper he says spends 120 minutes in the mall. So, 120 minutes divided by 20 spaces equals six minutes. He says that's the maximum you should have to wait using his method.  

“The method is basically saying that within six minutes one of these preferred spots will open up,” he said.

Moret tried it out. They waited and after five minutes, two spots opened up.

Moret said, "I pull into the spot I want. No fuss. No sweat. Just a little patience."