America's Most Obese Bride Left At The Altar

Susanne Eman wanted to be America’s biggest bride, but says she was left at the altar. Now, she’s found love again and INSIDE EDITION was there.

It was supposed to be Susanne Eman's dream wedding, and she took pleasure in trying on her gown which required 45 yards of fabric - that's half a football field.

Her seamstress had to custom-make the dress.

At 800 pounds, Susanne has a ravenous appetite consuming a staggering 20,000 calories a day.

But, right before her big day, Susanne experienced every bride's worst nightmare; she said she was jilted!

"I would have been the heaviest bride in America. Everything was supposed to be perfect, and then he just split," she told INSIDE EDITION.

The bride-to-be was devastated.

She also told INSIDE EDITION, "Of course it hurt. You give someone your heart and you plan to marry them. You don't do that unless you love somebody."

Before her wedding, Susanne swam and exercised daily and lost a ton of weight.

"Shortly after I decided to lose weight, he decided to split," she said.

Susanne was brokenhearted, and sure enough all thoughts of slimming down were pretty much forgotten.

Pretty soon, Susanne was back to cooking up a storm.

Today, she eats a pound of bacon, 6 eggs, 4 potatoes loaded with sour cream, a plate of burritos, and washes it down with two liters of cola and calorie-rich milkshakes - and that's just breakfast!

"I'm extremely determined to get my weight back," she declared.

There may be a happy ending for America's biggest jilted bride because love has struck again. She has a new guy!

"Cupid has struck again when I never thought he would," she told INSIDE EDITION.

So, who's the lucky fella? His name is Nick Abbate.

Looking at Nick, you'd never guess he, too, was once morbidly obese.

"I was 419 pounds," he told INSIDE EDITION. He slimmed down to 168 pounds and met Susanne online. He also mentioned, "My ad said that I wanted a lady that was fun, that enjoyed to eat, and that liked having a good time and I got her! As crazy as that is I got her."

All 600 pounds of her. And get this, Nick is an author of nutrician and weight-loss books, but he said he doesn't mind Susanne gaining back her weight.

"She likes to eat," he said.

When he prepared Susanne's lunch, it's like feeding a family. Lunch consists of four hero sandwiches topped with layers of mayo. He also made her a salad, but Susanne added calorie-rich ranch dressing. She polished off the sandwiches while Nick worked on his salad.

Nick encourages Susanne to exercise by doing squats and lifting weights. INSIDE EDITION went along with the couple on a romantic dinner-date at a restaurant near their home outside Phoenix.

Susanne can't quite fit in the regular chair. After a quick switch, Susanne ordered up a feast. It took two waiters to deliver the trays of food including steak, pasta, and ribs.

So, love is in the air. Who knows, maybe that super-sized wedding gown will be taken out of mothballs after all.