'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Frenzy Takes Over Valentine's Day Weekend

Get ready for one steamy Valentine’s Day weekend as Fifty Shades of Grey packs theatres across the country. INSIDE EDITION has more.

It's opening weekend for Fifty Shades of Grey!

The movie opens nationwide today and it's expected to rake in a mind blowing $100 million this weekend alone! The largest opening in Valentine's Day weekend history.

The stars of the film looked red hot at the London premiere. Twenty-five-year-old Dakota Johnson was stunning in a plunging off-white gown.  

The first reviews for the movie are finally in! Variety calls it "glossy, well cast, and a consistent hoot until it becomes a serious drag."

The New York Post gave the movie three stars: "Steamy, cheesy" and "bound to please."

The Hollywood Reporter said the film is both "Provocative and romance-novel gooey."

A headline from The Washington Post read, "Sex toy injuries surged after 'Fifty Shades of Grey' was published."

It's true. Emergency room visits involving people trapped in handcuffs or involved in other adult accessory mishaps have doubled since the book came out.

The film is triggering backlash. Some are calling for a boycott saying it "romanticizes abuse".

Gail Dines started the "50 dollars not Fifty Shades" campaign urging people to donate $50 to women's shelters instead of seeing the film. 

Dines told INSIDE EDITION, "This is a tale of sexual violence, stalking, predatory behavior. This is not a fairy tale as many people have said. This is in fact the horror story of many women's lives."

One thing's for sure: This is going to be one hot weekend.