Texting Secrets - What Teens Are Really Saying When They Text

INSIDE EDITION reports on what teens are really saying in those texting codes that raise every parent’s eyebrows.

It's the secret code teens use to communicate and it can be impossible to crack!

Some high school teens gave INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian a crash course and OMG was it confusing!

Fabian asked a student, "Why do you use these codes that your parents sort of have no idea about?"

She replied, "Because they go through my phone!"

Fabian said, “HBU is How Bout U. WBU is What Bout U.”

But parents beware, not all texting code is this innocent.

Here's what you need to know.

The number 6 is the abbreviation for sex, as in CU46 which is “See You For Sex” or LH6 which is “Let's Have Sex.”

WTTP is the acronym for “Want To Trade Pictures” and GNOC translates to “Get Naked On Camera.”

Blogger Liz Gumbinner runs CoolMomTech.com. She told INSIDE EDITION, “I think when parents first learn about this they are shocked. I think they don't even realize that this is out there.”

She recommends you monitor your kids texts and look up any abbreviations you don't understand.
“Teens are always going to be one step ahead of us. They're teens, that’s what they're supposed to do. They're looking for privacy,” she said.

Our teens parents were shocked at some of the code out there and had a hard time cracking it.

One parent read off, “NMJC....no more jack rabbit? What is it?"

Her son said, “Not Much, Just Chillin.”

Gumbinner said, "Parents should not panic when they see these things. All we can do is do the research and stay on top of it the best we can."

Another parent read, “IKR. I know right!” She got it!!

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