Exclusive! How A Road Rage Window Punch Went Down

INSIDE EDITION spoke exclusively to the driver whose car window was smashed in during a foul mouthed tirade from another motorist.

It's the viral road rage video everyone's talking about.

In the video, an angry driver delivered a foul-mouthed tirade and then smashed a car window to smithereens with a single punch.

Now, the target of all that rage, Zach Harris, is speaking out.

Harris told INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian, “He says he has kids in his car? You're a lunatic if you do that and you've got kids in your car!”

It happened outside Chicago. Harris said the driver was angry because he was driving too slow but he never expected a reaction like that.

Fabian asked Harris, “That guy knows your video is all over the place! What would you say to him now?”

Harris said, “How much money are you going to pay me for my window, bro?”

It's the latest scary road rage incident involving drivers who get right in your face!
Who can forget a furious Marine Sergeant's nuclear meltdown after a fender bender outside Camp Pendleton in 2013?

And last month, there was an incident when a 40-year-old woman vented her fury on a grandmother and a terrified six-year-old child.

Fortunately, the latest confrontation ended in nothing more serious than a broken window and someone's very sore hand.