Bobby Moynihan Reveals How Drunk Uncle Was Created

Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary: Bobby Moynihan tells us how he created Drunk Uncle!

The Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special on Sunday night was filled with some of the best moments in SNL TV history. One of everyone’s favorite parts of the legendary comedy show is always Weekend Update, and all the special guests that join in from Jacob the Bar Mitzvah boy, Stefon and of course Drunk Uncle.

INSIDE EDITION was on the red carpet for the star-studded event and spoke to Bobby Monynihan, who revealed how he created his most recognizable character, Drunk Uncle.

“Around 4 o’clock in the morning we had nothing and I went up to Colin Jost, one of the writers and 15 minutes later we were done, that was it,” Bobby explained. “I think I wrote something for like 10 hours that night, worked on it, and it didn’t work, but, the other one worked like that, it was really nice.”

Drunk Uncle is one of our favorite Weekend Update characters, but everyone has always had a special place in their heart for Stefon. Ed Norton played the role during the live anniversary special, but, of course, Bill Hader joined in for a double dose of Stefon.

Check out the above video to see what else Bobby told us and tune in to INSIDE EDITION tonight for more interviews from the anniversary.