SNL Audience: A Who's Who For The Record Books

The Saturday Night Live stage showed off the many stars who got their start on the program, but that was nothing compared to who was in the audience. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Big stars crowded into legendary Studio 8H to watch SNL's historic 40th Anniversary Show.

There was actress Catherine Zeta-Jones smiling as husband Michael Douglas joked around with Jerry Seinfeld.

And there was Jerry's wife Jessica looking very proud in her star-studded section, a few seats away was Ed Norton, and one row up were Kerry Washington and Adam Sandler.

Steven Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw were there. So was singer Sheryl Crow. Kevin Kline and Paul Rudd also scored great seats.

Sitting shoulder-to-shoulder were Sarah Palin and Taylor Swift, of all people! Taylor, a President Obama supporter, didn't look so thrilled.

By the way, turns out Palin raided daughter Bristol's closet for her outfit. Bristol wore the sequin mini-dress to the White House Correspondent's Dinner four years ago!

Even Mike Myers was star-struck. He tried to capture the crazy scene on his cell phone. Tina Fey snapped a selfie with Maya Rudolph and Martin Short as Kanye West chatted with Justin Timberlake.

There was also Kristen Wiig kicking back with a cocktail backstage and Sarah Silverman watched Tina, Amy Poehler, and Jane Curtin doing "Weekend Update."

In one video from the after-party, Taylor Swift sang her hit song "Shake It Off" with none other than Paul McCartney playing backup.

Prince also played, and Chris Rock tweeted one photo of him and Jimmy Fallon singing along.