Neighbor Sues J. Lo And Casper Smart Over Dog Attack

Jennifer Lopez’s neighbor says she was attacked by a dog that came from the singer’s property and has the injuries to prove it. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Jennifer Lopez's 73-year-old neighbor says she was attacked by a dog that escaped from Lopez's mansion.

Andrea Ashley's home is right next door to J. Lo's. They live in a gated community outside Los Angeles. Ashley told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret that she was coming back from a leisurely stroll, when a Boxer ran out of an open gate on Jennifer Lopez's property and attacked her.

She told Moret, "The blood was just pouring down my hand. I had a hat in my hand and I was beating him off and kicking and screaming."

The dog, named Bear, is believed to be owned by Lopez's on-again, off-again boyfriend, her backup dancer Casper Smart.

Ashley said Smart came out in his pajamas to see what had happened.

She said, "He was very nice, very polite, 'Oh my God, this is terrible. Would you like to come in? Can I do anything?'"

Ashley said she spent six hours at the hospital.

She is now suing Lopez and Smart, saying both were aware of Bear's "vicious disposition."

Lopez says she is not responsible since she is not the dog's owner. Smart did not return a call for comment.