Wild Weather Wreaks Havoc Across The Country

As severe winter weather pounds the country, everyone is capturing the action as fallout from the severe cold is caught on tape. INSIDE EDITION explains.

It was a frightening moment as an out-of-control SUV slid on the ice, stopping in the nick of time before hitting a TV news crew in Virginia.

A giant light fixture crashed to the floor as a frozen pipe burst, flooding a popular movie theater on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Howling wind and blowing snow made travel miserable on one Amtrak train in New England.

The snow is so deep in Boston, 100 inches so far, it stopped one trolley in its tracks! At iconic Fenway Park, there's so much snow it reaches to the top of the right field wall.

Some YouTube videos show us how cold it really is.

In one video, a woman had to dig a tunnel out her front door because a huge snow drift was literally covering her house.

One New Jersey kid built a cozy igloo next to his house and stocked it with ice cream and all his favorite snacks.

It's so cold that down south at Mardi Gras, they're bundling up in hats and gloves.

INSIDE EDITION'S Megan Alexander was there. She said, "It's Fat Tuesday and rainy and cold here in New Orleans. Temperatures were in the high 20's this morning, but that hasn't stopped revelers from enjoying the Mardi Gras festivities."

It's so cold that even the famous Naked Cowboy of Times Square has changed his routine.

One tourist commented, "I don't know how he's doing it. He's crazy."

His secret? The Naked Cowboy is outside for eight to twelve minutes, then hightails it to a parking garage where he puts on a full-length fur coat and warms up for two or three hours before venturing out again.

That's one way to try to beat this bone-chilling winter.