Who Taught Cockatoo To Swear?

How does a cockatoo learn to swear? Apparently, from a bitter divorce. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the current bird’s owners about its troubled past.

A hysterical cockatoo has gone nuts! Her name is Peaches, and it sounds as if she's swearing like a sailor!

She certainly didn't learn it from her current owners, Baptist Minister Don Sigmon and his wife, Elaine.

They got Peaches six weeks ago, and were stunned by the sudden outburst. Video of the incidents have gone viral!

Elaine told INSIDE EDITION, "Peaches was ranting and raving like she was angry with someone!"

And if you allow us to indulge in some "parrot-psychology,” we're told the 26-year-old bird originally came from a troubled home, and may have been traumatized by what she observed.

"My understanding is the first owners did get a divorce and they had some arguments, and she started imitating them," Elaine said.

When INSIDE EDITION filmed Peaches, she seemed to be in the middle of an argument and it sounded as if she said, "I don't want to talk to you."

In the tranquil new home where she's now living, Peaches seems to be much happier.

But every now and then, an outburst happens.