New Bruce Jenner Crash Video Could Lead To Manslaughter Charges

Bruce Jenner could be facing manslaughter charges in the wake of that fatal car accident he was involved in earlier this month. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Could Bruce Jenner be facing manslaughter charges? New video is said to show he may have caused that horrific accident in Malibu.

Cameras mounted on a municipal bus coming from the opposite direction captured the entire smash-up on video. A 69-year-old widow, Kim Howe, was killed.

The new animation is said to match the bus video.

In the animation, Jenner's Cadillac Escalade struck the widow's Lexus, propelling it into oncoming traffic. That's when a Hummer crashed into the Lexus. Then, Jenner’s car hit a Prius.

Until now, it was believed that the Lexus had rear-ended the Prius and Jenner was just a victim of an unavoidable chain reaction.

The new animation was created by Brady Held of Integral Media Works, a company that specializes in accident recreations.

He told INSIDE EDITON, "What we used to recreate this was photographs. So, paparazzi photos, pre-impact, they showed a couple still frames before the accident took place. And then, photographs of the rest positions, where the vehicles ended up after the accident."

If Jenner is proven to have caused the accident because he was driving too close and fast, could he face vehicular manslaughter charges?

HLN’s Nancy Grace told INSIDE EDITION, "There is always the issue was he following her too closely or was he going too fast for the conditions of the roadway. Even if he wasn't speeding, police can determine he was going too fast for conditions. What condition? Congested traffic." 

Jenner, who is reportedly transitioning into a woman, has said that the accident wasn't his fault.

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