Swimming In Snow? See The Outrageous Ways People Are Coping With Winter Weather

The record breaking snow and cold isn’t stopping some from going outside with a camera and making the most of it. INSIDE EDITION has details.

From above, it sure looks like winter wonderland. Some gorgeous images of Cambridge, Massachusetts, were shot by a drone flown by researchers at Harvard University.

They are documenting the record-breaking snow and keeping watch for huge chunks of potentially dangerous ice.

On the ground there is nothing beautiful about it as many viral videos have proven.

In Chicago, a gigantic 18-wheeler got stuck in the snow. Believe it or not, a tiny pickup managed to tow it out.

One guy had so much snow outside his front door, he couldn't get out to the street! He decided to find another way out, but when he tried his garage it was just as bad.

One released surveillance video from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, showed what can happen when the snow on the roof gets too heavy.

Some people are trying to make the best of it, one champion swimmer in Boston showed off his technique in the snow. The butterfly, the backstroke, all he needed was some water.

Some Cocker Spaniels were bouncing along, happy as can be as their master went for a walk in New Hampshire. At least they're having fun in this miserable weather.