Snow Rage?

The severe cold weather across the country is being called "The Siberian Express" and has everyone trying to make the best of the situation. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

A fight broke out on a Boston commuter train and some are blaming "snow rage." 

Tempers are running short as the "Siberian Express" is setting record low temperatures across the nation.  

How cold is it? The Today show used a frozen banana to hammer a nail and a meteorologist from Michigan demonstrated how hot water freezes in mid-air in an instant.

In one video, snow was piled so high that one guy actually dug a tunnel to get to his buried car.  

The extreme cold weather didn't stop a rescue mission to save some adorable puppies.

Brave pilots from the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team didn't let the weather stop them as they flew a dozen pups from West Virginia to a no-kill shelter in Long Island, New York. A mission of mercy paid for by TV personality Rachael Ray.

One of the pilots said, "Snow, rain, sleet, it doesn't matter. We are coming for these dogs. They will have a better life now."

The extreme weather is providing some lighter moments. A video of a snow shoveler doing a crazy dance as he slips and slides before finally giving up and throwing his shovel away has gone viral.

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