Vegas Road Rage Victim and Suspect Had Surprising Relationship

After a two-hour standoff, the alleged gunman who killed Las Vegas mom Tammy Meyers was taken into custody. INSIDE EDITION has details on the latest twist.

There is yet another stunning twist in the mysterious slaying of road-rage victim Tammy Meyers.

INSIDE EDITION is now learning that Tammy not only knew the teenager accused of killing her, she even mentored him!

Tammy's husband, Robert Meyers, says his wife had taken 19-year-old neighbor Erich Nowsch under her wing.

He said, “My wife spent countless hours at that park consoling this boy. She was really good to him. She fed him, she gave him money, she told him to pull his pants up and to be a man.”

Nowsch was busted on Thursday after a two-hour siege at his home which was just a block from where Tammy lived.

Tammy’s house is at the end of a cul-de-sac. To get an idea just how close she lived to her accused killer, INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret walked from house to house in about 90 seconds.

Even police admit they were in the dark about the link between Tammy and her accused killer. Captain Chris Tomaino of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said in a press conference, “That did not come together until today.”

A reporter asked, “Police did not know that until today, that the Meyers family knew him?”

“We did not know that,” said Captain Tomaino.

Robert Meyers raged at news crews at the site of the siege. He was furious over questions about his wife's actions the night she was shot.

He said, “You made my wife an animal and my son. There's the animal a block away. Are you happy?”

The suspect's mom also showed up during the standoff and created yet another moment of raw emotion.

She said, “That's my house and that's my son! He is on the phone with me right now!”

Nowsch's father reportedly committed suicide six years ago. Neighbors say the son lost his way after that. His Facebook page is filled with photos of him smoking what may be pot.

Melissa Morse is the suspect's next door neighbor. She told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret, "He has always been pretty nice. He runs with a pretty not-so-good crowd."

Questions continue to swirl over the killing. What seemed like a random act of road rage that shocked the nation now seems much murkier.

Questions like, did Tammy's family know from day one that her protégé was involved and if they knew, why didn't they tell cops?

Former prosecutor Louis Schneider told INSIDE EDITION, "It didn't sound right from the very beginning. Normally, cases are pretty straight forward. This case has not made sense since the very beginning."

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