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Mel Gibson's Reported Anti-Semitic Rant

Things for Mel Gibson just keep getting worse.  The latest reported rant from the embattled actor allegedly includes an anti-semitic remark about a top Hollywood mogul.  INSIDE EDITION has the latest.    

An enraged Oksana Grigorieva vents her frustration as yet another shocker breaks in the ongoing Mel Gibson saga.  He allegedly told Oksana Grigorieva, "I want jew blood on my hands." reports that those sickening words referred to a high-profile Hollywood figure.  Grigorieva reportedly claims Gibson wanted that person, "taken to the desert, stripped naked, knee capped and left in the heat."

Dylan Howard, Sr. Editor of said, "Oksana has used this as part of her testimony to law enforcement authorities to paint a picture about the violent nature of Mel Gibson and what she says, he's capable of."

It's not the first time Gibson has been accused of anti-semitic slurs.  When he was arrested on a DUI charge in 2006, Gibson ranted at Malibu cops, saying Jews were to blame for all the wars in the world.  Gibson later apologized for his rant, claiming he was drunk.

And Gibson's chilling "n"-word rant at Grigorieva won't soon be forgotten.

Gibson: "If you get raped by a pack of ______ it will be your fault!  All right?  Because you provoked it!"

Meanwhile, Grigorieva gave a direct answer to a question many have been asking when she was approached by a group of journalists and was asked, "Oksana, did you try to extort Mel Gibson?

"No! Never!" replied Grigorieva.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret reports from Grigorieva's house.  In the midst of this ongoing controversy, one big question remains unanswered—who leaked those shocking audiotapes?  Grigorieva says it wasn't her.  Now, a new report is claiming it was Grigorieva's sister, Natalia."

An obviously angry Oksana had this to say about it, "She doesn't have them.  She erased them a long time ago."

A reporter asked, "Then why is Natalia's name coming up?"

"Because Mel is lying.  He's lying.  There's no extortion, and there's no texts and no emails.  He's lying," said Grigorieva.

And you might not believe who Mel Gibson turning to for comfort these days.  Britney Spears is standing by Mel Gibson, phoning him frequently to offer support, according to In Touch magazine.

You'll recall that when Spears had a much-publicized breakdown two years ago, she went to Costa Rica as Gibson's guest to get away from it all.

A source told In Touch, "She wants people to give him a second chance, just like he gave her one when everyone else turned away."

And while Britney may be standing by Mel, sources close to Inception star Leonardo DiCaprio were quoted today saying it is "doubtful" DiCaprio would agree to work with Gibson in the future.  They were reportedly working on a movie together about vikings.