American Malls On High Alert After Terror Threat - What You Need to Know

A new terror threat naming the Mall of America in Minnesota has shopping malls across the country on high alert. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Shopping malls across America stepped up security today in the face of a new terror threat.

The just-released terrorist video specifically mentioned the Mall of America in Minnesota.

One figure in the video asked, "What if such an attack were to occur in the Mall of America?"

The video was released by Al Shabaab, the same terrorist organization that carried out the raid on a shopping mall in Kenya in 2013 that left 67 people dead.

The scene today at the Mall of America was a lockdown. The security bars at all stores were pulled down.

Authorities said it was a routine drill having no connection to the terror threat.

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian spoke to security expert Harry Houck.

Houck said, "That's exactly what it is. It would be good if you had armed security personnel not in uniform, this way they don't stand out in a possible attack and they'll be able to respond adequately to the attackers."

What would you do if you were trapped in a mall during a terrorist attack? Your first instinct might be to run for your life, but you'd be wrong.

Security expert Pat Brosnan showed INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander what to do in such an emergency.

He said, "Never run, it brings attention to yourself and the guy could turn and fire at you."

Instead, he said find cover and hide.

Surveillance video inside the Kenyan mall showed shoppers running for cover and crawling on their hands and knees while gunfire raged around them.

Some lucky shoppers were rescued by security forces.

The Mall of America said in a statement they have "implemented extra security, visible to guests and others that are not."