Pizza Delivery Guy Becomes a Hero

INSIDE EDITION talks to the pizza delivery man who ended up saving a customer's life when he walked in on a heart attack victim. 

They ordered a pizza and what they got was a hero.  A pizza parlor delivery guy ended up saving the life of a customer who'd suffered a heart attack.

Listen to the 911 call made by the victim's wife:

Operator: "Who's there with you?"

Caller: "The pizza guy.  He's doing heart compressions."

"Instantly, I was down doing CPR," he told INSIDE EDITION.  The amazing story starts at Johnny's New York pizza in Lakewood, near Denver.  22-year-old Chris Wuebben, a former army medic, was working there till he could find a job as a paramedic.  Chris got sent to make a delivery.

But, when he got to the front door, "I could just hear some kind of commotion or something going on in the inside"

Father of two George Linn had just collapsed with a heart attack.  His wife, Kami, was on the phone to 911 as Chris rang the doorbell.

"I open the door and he looked at me and I just said help me," Kami said.

"At that time it clicked through my head, I'm a paramedic, I know how to help"

With the victim stricken on the sofa, Chris went to work as Kami stayed on with 911.

Caller: "He's doing heart compressions."

Operator: "The pizza guy is doing compressions?"

Caller: "Yeah, he's a paramedic."

It didn't look good for the victim.

Operator: "How's the color in his face?"

Caller: "Bad."

Operator: "is it blue or is he pale?"

Caller: "Kinda blue-ish."

"He did not have a pulse. He was not breathing," Chris recalled.

They tried to rouse the victim.

Caller: "Come on. Come on, honey. Don't go, don't leave me.  Don't go! No!"

"He was legally dead," Chris said.

But then came a sign of hope.

"I just decided to reassess him. I checked his pulse, and I could feel a very faint carotid pulse, which is right here in the neck"

Caller:  "He's gurgling, he's breathing. Honey, stay with us."

Just then, paramedics arrived and raced the victim to the hospital.

Incredibly, Chris then went back to work, delivering pizza, although he forgot to take the warmer with him!

The victim, who runs a golf club repair business, is still recovering in the hospital.  The victim's wife has nothing but praise for the hero pizza guy.

"He saved me from being a widow. And for that, there's no words. So, thank you," Kami told INSIDE EDITION.

Chris was also toasted by his boss and customers at Johnny's New York Pizza.  A fitting tribute to a pizza guy whose heroics take some topping.