The Other American Sniper Widow: Why She's So Upset With Husband's Portrayal In Film

Marc Lee’s widow speaks out saying her husband was “a fierce warrior” and “strong patriot.”

American Sniper is under fire from a most unlikely critic.

The widow of a slain Navy SEAL is slamming the way her husband is portrayed in the blockbuster movie.

Marc Lee served alongside Chris Kyle. He's played in the movie by actor Luke Grimes.

Lee was killed in Iraq in 2006. He is believed to be the first Navy SEAL to die in the conflict.

He was posthumously awarded the Silver Star. But now his widow Maya Elbaum is upset because her husband is depicted in the movie as "a reluctant warrior" who "questions America's mission" in Iraq.

"It just does a disservice to his name," Elbaum said. In an online  interview with, Maya calls her husband "a fierce warrior" and "a true patriot" who wholeheartedly supported the war in Iraq.

"The movie was just completely inaccurate in portraying who Marc was as a person and what he believed in," she explained. "Marc had a huge passion for life, for people, he really felt he was making a huge difference. Sadly, I believe that the film didn't show that side of him at all," she added.

Maya also wrote an article for the website in which she praised American Sniper's portrayal of Chris and Taya Kyle, and she said she is delighted with the movie's extraordinary success.