Boston Marathon Bombing Couple Are Separating

They were the dream couple both injured in the Boston Bombing. Now they are separating after allegations of infidelity. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

She's the woman who suffered grievous injuries in the Boston Marathon bombing.

Her name is Rebekah Gregory, and she endured numerous surgeries and the amputation of her left leg with a brave smile, inspiring the nation.

One year after the bombings, we celebrated as she walked down the aisle with the man she called the love of her life, 29-year-old Pete DiMartino. He was also injured in the bombing.

The wedding was lavish, the bride and groom were the very picture of happiness and hope in the face of terrible tragedy.

Now, just ten months after that fairy-tale ceremony, the marriage is over.

Gregory made the bombshell announcement today, calling her decision to separate from her husband "even more painful" than when she had her leg amputated.

She added, "I've come to realize that going through such a horrific event together put a fast-forward on our relationship that we each handled differently."

So, what happened?

INSIDE EDITION obtained a copy of an anonymous note Rebekah received last November claiming that her husband was being unfaithful.

"He has been cheating on you since you met him and he is still cheating now. Make the best decision, leave him before he causes more damage," said the note.

DiMartino did not respond to our phone calls for comment.

On his Twitter page, which still has a loving picture of Gregory, he wrote: "Even on dark days, there's a light up ahead."

Gregory is putting on a brave face and intends to fulfill her announced plans to run the Boston Marathon in April!

Yesterday, she showed off her new running blade on Facebook.

We're pretty sure this brave young woman can handle anything life throws at her.