SNL ISIS Skit Kicks Up Controversy

Did SNL's skit about ISIS recruitment go too far? Some think the show went over the line while others found it funny.

There is fierce controversy over Dakota Johnson’s Saturday Night Live spoof about the blood-drenched terror group ISIS.

Many feel the skit has gone way too far.

If the parody looked familiar, it should. Remember the famous Toyota Super Bowl commercial in which a teary-eyed dad dropped off his now-grown little girl as she joins the Army?

In the SNL parody, Fifty Shades of Grey star Johnson plays the young woman. But when her ride shows up, it turned out she's not joining the Army and she’s joining ISIS.

The sketch comes as new video surfaced of three young British women who fled their homes to join ISIS in Syria.

Feelings about the SNL skit are strong on both sides.

INSIDE EDITION got reaction to the skit from Howard Stern, Howie Mandel and Nick Cannon at the launch of the new season of America's Got Talent.

Howard Stern said, “They were saying, ‘Who are these people who go off and join ISIS?’ I see a distinction there and don’t think it was offensive.”

Howie Mandel said, “I think the SNL skit was hysterical. I think it didn’t go too far. I think the community is going too far in raising their voices and their arms to try and stop entertainment like this.”

Nick Cannon proclaimed, “I don’t feel like there is a subject out there that you shouldn’t be able to have humor infused into.”

In an INSIDE EDITION online poll, 47% said they thought the skit went too far, while 52% thought it was fine.

Dakota Johnson’s SNL appearance was eagerly awaited.

She wasn't kidding when she joked in the opening monologue about being conceived after her mom, Melanie Griffith, hosted the show back in 1988.

She said in the monologue, “Exactly nine months later, I was born. So, I must have been conceived that night after the show or during the show.”

Her mom and dad, actor Don Johnson, sat in the audience and pretended to be embarrassed.

Well, we did the math. Griffith hosted December 17, 1988. She was indeed born just over nine months later on October 4, 1989.