Exclusive! New Video Shows Homeless Man's Fight Before LAPD Shot Him On Skid Row

INSIDE EDITION has exclusive surveillance video that shows the fight that broke out before the LAPD turned their guns on a homeless man on Skid Row.

It's the shocking video sweeping social media today.

A homeless man struggles with the LAPD. Then...shots ring out, and he is dead on the sidewalk.

Now INSIDE EDITION has obtained exclusive new surveillance video which shows what happened before police arrived.

About thirty minutes before the shooting you see the man, who was ultimately shot dead, get into a confrontation with another homeless man.

He tosses the other man's orange tent into the street. That is when cops are called and you see one of them enter the tent. A fight breaks out and the man begins swinging wildly at cops. When cops open fire you can see one bystander hit the sidewalk and others flee.

The video has been viewed 6 million times since it was posted on Facebook Sunday, with many reacting angrily.

The dead man was living in a tent on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles after reportedly spending time in a mental health facility. The police were responding to a robbery when the confrontation  began.

In the video, the man, who is unarmed, is seen swinging his fists at the cops, resisting arrest.

He falls to the ground where three officers attempt to subdue him. You can hear the sound of a tazer.

Then it seems the man tries to grab one of the cops guns.

An officer shouted, "Drop the gun. Drop the gun. He has my gun. He has a gun."