Unlikely Animal Friends

Talk about unlikely BFFs! A baby cheetah and a yellow lab? A cockatoo and a cat? You've got to see this!

A dog and a rat best friends? How about a cockatoo and a cat?

Videos of unlikely animal buddies are rampant on YouTube. One shows a snake and a hamster co-existing peacefully and has nearly ten million views!

Cooper, a Coon Hound, is especially fond of his housemate, Olivia, a rat. They're featured on Nat Geo Wild's Show Unlikely Animal Friends.

Cooper and Olivia's owner, Chris Durham, was shocked to discover the two would become best friends.

Durham told INSIDE EDITION, “It was a bit of a surprise mostly because he’s a hunting dog and she’s food, but they just took to each other and I really think they’re so happy with each other.”

So, why don't Cooper's hunting instincts take over?

One animal expert says, "They’re in captivity, so their food needs are met. So, the whole pressure for them to go out and get a meal is gone and that allows them to see animals that they would normally see as prey or as predators – it kind of takes that element out.”

Cooper and Olivia even play hide-and-seek together. And, the video shows Olivia's resting spot underneath Cooper while he chews on his bone.

People just can't get enough of these unlikely animal friends.

One video shows a cat grooming its bunny-friend. Another shows a puppy hitching a ride on a tortoise’s back – probably not the fastest way to get around.

Then, there's Ben, a Labrador Retriever, who's found an unlikely pal in Doogie the Dolphin. The two play together for hours at a time!

Durham told INSIDE EDITION, “If you put animals in an environment with love and trust I think it brings out the best in them. And, I guess, it might be a good lesson for all of us to see. Because, I think we can all work a little better at getting along.”