Police Dog Gets Touching Salute On His Final Walk

The West Deptford Police Department gave this hero the final tribute he deserved.

It was an extraordinary scene as dozens of cops fought back tears as they stood at attention to salute a remarkable police dog named Judge.

Why so much fuss for this animal? One video showed him in his prime, doing what he did best.

Getting the bad guy time and time again, as seen in the training videos!

His owner told INSIDE EDITION, "His loyalty and bond that we developed was amazing."

Corporal Michael Franks was Judge's handler. They worked together for the West Deptford Police Department in New Jersey where the amazing dog helped apprehend 152 suspects over a seven-year career!

But, that's only half the story. Judge was also a faithful family pet.

Mike's wife, Heather, said, "The first day we got him I fell in love with him. He was just very loyal and loving."

Sadly, Judge became gravely ill. He was so weak Mike had to lift him from the truck before placing his beloved arm sleeve in his mouth - the one Judge used in training.

Then, Mike walked Judge between two long rows of cops to the veterinary hospital where Judge was put to sleep. Even the medical personnel stood at attention to honor the brave dog.

Mike said, "Seeing the support from everybody and my whole department there was amazing."

Life goes on. This is Mike with his new partner, a frisky young pooch named Taser.

But, he'll always treasure his days with Judge and a final farewell that will never be forgotten.