Mo'Nique's 'Cookie' Controversy Grows As 'Empire' Boss Speaks Out

Maybe Mo'Nique was mistaken about her chances of a role on the hit show Empire. The other day, she told INSIDE EDITION she was offered the role of Cookie, but one of the show's co-creators says that never happened.

It's a he said, she said controversy.

Oscar winner Mo'Nique is getting some heat after telling INSIDE EDITION she lost out on the role of Cookie which is now famously played by Taraji P. Henson on Fox's hit show Empire.

Mo’Nique told INSIDE EDITION that show creator Lee Daniels originally offered her the role but backed out when Fox's executives expressed concern about her reputation.

"He says listen, the executives at Fox said you are difficult," she told INSIDE EDITION.

Empire co-creator Danny Strong said that's not the case.

Strong said on a radio show, “We discussed Mo'Nique once very briefly. We never offered her the part. She wasn’t going to be Cookie.”

Strong later tweeted: “Mo’Nique is so talented she'd be great in almost anything. But Cookie was always Taraji.”

Mo’Nique came out in support of Empire, and tweeted: “Hey babies. Please don't get this confused. Support Empire. Keep helping them break records.”

Watch Mo'Nique Tell INSIDE EDITION She Was Offered The Role of Cookie on Empire