Ebola Nurse Nina Pham - Was She Tricked Into Appearing In Hospital Video?

Nurse Nina Pham who survived Ebola is suing the hospital saying she wasn't given the proper training or protective gear when she was asked to treat America's first case of the deadly virus.

America prayed for brave nurse Nina Pham when she came down with Ebola. Now, she's suing the Dallas Hospital where she contracted the disease.

"I feel blessed and fortunate to be standing here today," she said.

The 26-year-old nurse now claims Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital tricked her into making a heartbreaking video seen around the world showing her in a hospital bed cared for by doctors in hazmat suits.

Her lawsuit claims the release of the video was a P.R. stunt by the hospital and that Nina was 'used as a PR pawn in the darkest moment of her life'. Nina says she was told the video was being shot for "educational purposes."

Charla Aldous is Nina's attorney. She told INSIDE EDITION, "It's a violation in any manner to try to use her and what happened to her to benefit the hospital when the very reason she was in that situation is they didn't protect her to begin with."

Nina, who cared for Ebola patient Thomas Duncan, also claims she was given inadequate training in how to deal with Ebola.

Aldous also told INSIDE EDITION, "I find it just unbelievable that they would expose their nurses to that type of danger."

Nina was transferred to a hospital in Maryland equipped to deal with Ebola patients and she recovered. She was later invited to the White House and greeted by the president.

She continues to suffer from liver damage, severe pain, and hair loss.