Photographer Claims 'Untouched' Cindy Crawford Pic Is Fake, What Does Her Stomach Really Look Like?

What does the 49-year-old supermodel's body really looks like?

Is it a fake?

That's the claim being made by the photographer who took the now famous photo of Cindy Crawford displaying a less-than-perfect body.  

The photo went viral last month after it was tweeted with the caption, “100% non-retouched photos.”  

Now, celebrity photographer John Russo who took the shots for the Mexican edition of Marie Claire magazine says the photo was "stolen" and "deliberately altered" to make it look like her stomach was saggy.

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After the photo was leaked, Cindy’s husband, Rande Gerber, posted the photo of the supermodel in a bikini exposing her very flat belly.

So, which photo is the real deal? The jury is still out.

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