Nicole Murphy, Mom Of Five, Bears All For Sizzling Bikini Shoot

This 47-year-old mom of five is going all natural for an "un-retouched" bikini shoot.

There's one supermom who dares to be photographed without retouching.  

She told INSIDE EDITION, "You just got to be comfortable in your own skin it is what it is."
Forty-seven-year-old Nicole Murphy, ex-wife of Eddie Murphy is stunning as she shows off her age defying figure. Can you believe even with a body like the one she has, she still sees flaws in herself!

She admitted, “I have a bruise, I have a scar on my leg, I have some tiny stretch marks from having five babies. My thighs are not perfect.”

Nicole sizzles in a red hot bikini as photographer Kendra Greenberg snapped her poolside at Hotel Shangri-La in Santa Monica.

Nicole Murphy is proving she is a true beauty and she's supporting Cindy Crawford with or without retouching.

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She said, “I think Cindy Crawford is absolutely stunning, regardless. She is beautiful. She is a woman.”