Did Mel Gibson Hit and Bruise Oksana?

The Mel Gibson saga keeps getting worse as new photos have surfaced that appear to show Oksana Grigorieva with a bruised left eye which she reportedly says she suffered from punches thrown by Gibson, a claim Gibson denies.  INSIDE EDITION has the

The latest bombshell in the Mel Gibson scandal—photos of Oksana Grigorieva's bruised left eye.  An injury she reportedly says was inflicted by punches thrown by Gibson. 

We showed the photos to Sonia Ossorio of the National Organization for Women.

Ossorio said, "What you see in this photo is extreme bruising that's turned blue.  This is definitely a very serious assault."

David Perel, Executive V.P. of radaronline.com said, "These photos indicate that Oksana was hit with tremendous force on the left side of the head."

The stunning photos of Grigorieva may tell the story of what happened with Mel Gibson. 

Meanwhile, in Santa Monica, Gibson was photographed leaving his therapist's office.  He was carrying a shoulder bag and dressed casually in sandals, blue jeans and a baseball cap.  You'll recall that an enraged Gibson warned Grigorieva to stay away from his therapist.

Gibson:  "You wanted the number of my therapist?  Don't you ever speak to him!  Find your own ___damn therapist!"

is saying the photos were taken the morning after a brutal confrontation at Gibson's Malibu mansion, and that Gibson denies hitting Grigorieva.

"A lot of people say that she was very smart to document her injuries, and now it's up to law enforcement to sort it out," said Perel.

Another report says sources close to Gibson have denied the assault allegation, saying he was trying to stop Grigorieva from shaking their baby daughter Lucia "like a ragdoll." (source: People magazine)

Meanwhile, there's more shocking audio from tape #7, as Gibson rages at Grigorieva.

Gibson:  "I despise you.  I don't want you back.  You have proven yourself to me.  You're not a ____ woman I want."

Gibson:  "You're not a ____ woman.  You're a ____ fake.  You're a ____ sham.  You don't know what the ____ it means to make a man happy."

On the latest audiotape, Gibson reaches the boiling point as he voices his rage and regret.

Gibson:  "So ___ sorry I had a child with you.  Now I am, now that I see you.  I hope you ___ don't sleep.  I hope you ___ waste.  You ___ ruined me!  You ____ ingrate!"