Artist Says Bill Clinton Portrait Secretly Includes Monica Lewinsky

President Clinton's portrait includes a not-so-subtle reference to Monica Lewinsky.

The naughty artist who put a shadow of Monica Lewinsky’s dress into a Bill Clinton portrait is being tarred with his own brush!

Portrait painter Nelson Shanks is catching a ton of heat on social media and most of it is negative.

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One person said, “This artist is a self-serving jerk!"

"What a coward. I hate passive-aggressive moves like that," said another.

Another wrote, "I don't like Clinton, but what Nelson Shanks did is pathetic."

Little could anyone have dreamed that Shanks was harboring a bombshell secret about the shadow on the portrait for which he does not apologize!

He went on national TV and said, "The shadow itself is not only a function as a block in the composition at a certain point, but also as symbolism, a shadow across the administration."

That shadow represents the infamous blue dress Monica Lewinsky wore and  proved she'd had relations with President Clinton, despite his denial.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent met with Shanks shortly after it was unveiled in 2006.

Trent asked him then, "People are saying it looks a little informal for a president portrait."

"Well, we could make it stiff and boring the way so many are, I decided to go the other way," he replied. 

And many were upset over the fact that Shanks forgot to paint a wedding ring on the president's left hand.

Shanks said, "I’ve never seen Bill Clinton without his wedding ring, so probably it was inappropriate to leave it out. So, I apologize."

But there was not a hint that the shadow on the painting symbolized the Lewinsky scandal. Eight years later, we now know what the shadow really means, beyond a shadow of a doubt.