Why Are Women Giving Birth Deep In The Woods?

They head out hundreds of miles from a hospital, far from society, and give birth, on purpose.

Deep in the woods, hundreds of miles from the nearest hospital women are giving birth by choice!

That's right, no doctors, no epidural, not even a bed to lie on!

It's a controversial new reality show called Born in the Wild.

Inside a flimsy tent in the wilderness, Amy Hammond was in labor as her husband, Jeff, watched and the cameras rolled. They did have two midwives to help out.

Producers say the pregnant women were determined to give birth away from civilization with or without cameras. Producers looked on birth forums and in midwives groups to find six expecting couples who wanted to have their babies in the woods.

Satellite phones were on-hand, just in case. But, OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson warned that medical emergencies can happen quickly and require immediate attention.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "Things can go wrong and when they go wrong in obstetrics, they can go very, very wrong very, very fast."

Hammond told INSIDE EDITION, "If I thought that having my baby out in the woods was in any way dangerous,  I wouldn't have done it."

Fortunately, little Levi Silas Hammond came into the world safe and sound. He weighed in at seven pounds, six ounces, and measured 20 inches.

And, here he is today.

A birth experience that gives a whole other meaning to the concept of mother nature.