Target Tie Teen Starts His New Job

Target employees helped this teen prepare for his job interview and showed him how to tie his tie. Now we are there on his first day of work.

It's a big day for one teenager. He's starting a new job. The job the whole nation was rooting for him to get!

Fifteen-year-old Yasir Moore is better known as “The Target Tie Kid." He was the teen in a grainy snapshot that went viral.

He needed a tie for a job interview but had no idea how to tie it. So, he stopped by Target and an employee showed him how.

Moore told INSIDE EDITION, “First he put it around his neck. Then, he put it around my neck and then tightened it on me.”

Another shopper, Audrey Mark, snapped the picture.

She told us, “The adult was speaking so sweetly and so compassionatly with this teenager. Telling him about interview skills, hand shakes, and making sure he looked good. As the teen left the store the other Target team members came out and were like, 'Bye, you are going to do great!'"

Mark posted the picture on her Facebook page.

She said, “Somehow, this picture struck a chord in a lot of people. It think they saw the tenderness of the moment.”

It didn't take long before that simple act of  kindness was being shared by people across the world.

“By the time I woke up in the morning it had gotten 10,000 Likes. It had taken off like crazy,” she said.

Yasir Moore went to his job interview at a local Chick-fil-A fast food restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The manager, Aaron Selcok was impressed by the well-dressed young man.

Selcok said, “Yasir made a really good first impression. He came in all dressed up with a tie. He had a warm smile, a firm handshake.”

And he got the job and INSIDE EDITION caught up with the young man on his second day.

Audrey Mark stopped by to wish him good luck and passed on the kind words from well-wishers everywhere!

She said, “Everyone wanted to know, did he get the job? Not just America, but across the world. Did he get the job? And you did!”