Dogs Abandoned After BP Oil Spill

The BP oil spill has had tragic effects throughout the region.  INSIDE EDITION reports on animal shelters that are overwhelmed by abandoned dogs whose owners could no longer care for them after the oil spill.

These dogs are among the smallest victims of the gulf oil disaster.  Many have been turned into Louisiana area animal shelters because many of their owners are out of work fishermen who can no longer afford to keep them.

Dana Graham, Veterinary Services Manager, Houston SPCA said, "It's very tragic, what's going on and usually the animals are the first ones to suffer because you have to take care of your family."

Louisiana shelters are overflowing with abandoned pets.  The dogs who are not adopted are often euthanized.  The numbers are staggering.  In June alone, one Louisiana shelter took in 270 animals, of these 179 were put to sleep.

But there are some lucky ones that are getting a second chance.  Twenty-six dogs were loaded onto an air-conditioned truck bound for Houston.  Once the gate is pulled down and the latch is locked in place, the five hour drive begins.

At the Houston SPCA, staff and volunteers unload all the pooches.  Each dog is examined.  They all get a pill to prevent worms and an anti-flea injection.

At the kennel, Remington is given a bowl of water, and just like that, is ready for adoption.  Mary Oleyar has taken a liking to the sad-eyed golden retriever.

"When I saw all these dogs come in, it made me so sad, because they've been through so much, to lose their family and they're traveling here and they're in a strange environment.  Hopefully I can give them as much as their family gave them before," said Oleyar.

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