How A Guy With A Fake Oscar Duped Hollywood

They even gave him a car...

Talk about the imitation game.

Mark David Christenson spent the night of the Academy Awards pretending to be an Oscar winner, clutching the golden statue he supposedly had just won.

His "Oscar win" made him the toast of the party at an A-list bash.

He went to one party and told the doorman, “I forgot my ID.”

The doorman said, “You got an Oscar, that’s your ID.”

But his Oscar is a fake. The arms on the real statue are tucked in at the side, not spread out like the phony one. However, nobody noticed it was not real.

He said in a video, “I own this town right now!”

Free stuff was heaped upon him. He told a parking valet that he needed his car, but has lost his ticket.

One woman told the valet, “He has an Oscar. Let him have it.”

Then, the valet actually handed over a BMW.

He said in the video, “Why would you let someone do this? I'm driving away with a stranger's car!”

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret spoke to Mark David Christenson. Moret said, “He gave you someone's car!

“Yeah, I got in the BMW, drove it a block and then returned it,” he said.

The Oscar prankster is actually a comedian. He told Moret, "We just wanted to show what it was like to be on top of the world and have a guy have the greatest night of his life."

Christenson even used a blue screen to fake a photo backstage at the awards show, so he could show it to everyone.

The photo is pretty convincing and as Moret found out first-hand, so is the statue.

While Moret was speaking to Christenson, some tourists spotted his “Oscar” and asked Moret to take their picture with the prankster.

But troublingly, considering the Academy Awards this year were supposed to be the most secure ever, Christenson’s fake statue apparently got him past the first ring of security outside the Dolby Theatre itself.

He told Moret, "We got through two checkpoints that there was no ID. This [holds up the fake Oscar] was my ID. Then it definitely got to a point where it was like, 'Nope, you don't have a ticket or credentials to get any further.'"

Christenson was followed everywhere by a crew from the online magazine New Media RockStars.

He should probably get the Academy Award for world's most brazen prankster.

Watch Christenson Prank Everyone With His 'Oscar'