'Don't Touch My Sidewalk!' Bizarre Snow Rage Erupts In Violence

It started as a neighborly favor, but ended in a snow rage blow out.

It's a case of snow rage as two neighbors go head-to-head over snow.

The neighbors showed snow mercy.  

Myers, one of the neighbors, told INSIDE EDITION, "I grabbed him by his coat like this. And said 'I'm telling you again, don't touch my sidewalk!'"

It started as an act of neighborly good will by 23-year-old Will Immke.

For some reason, Larry Myers, his 69-year-old neighbor outside Cleveland, objected to his clearing Myers section of the sidewalk.

Myers explained, "I specifically told him I don't need you to shovel my section of the sidewalk!"

Immke said, "He came outside yelling at me, what are you doing, this and that."

Immke says Myers grabbed his face and shoved him, and even blew snow he'd shoveled back on the sidewalk!  

"I just kept doing what I was doing and he walked away and grabbed his snow blower and started blowing snow at me!" Immke told INSIDE EDITION.

Sound ridiculous? Psychologists say snow rage incidents are erupting across America as the long miserable winter frays nerves.

Psychologist Dr. J. Ryan Fuller explained, "We're becoming frustrated and annoyed and irritated with all the excessive having to shovel snow and having to scrap our cars. That can certainly put us at risk for becoming violent."

Take this guy in video. He spins his wheels trying to drive out of a parking spot. He's going nowhere, and he finally loses it!

"You got to be [expletive] kidding me!" he exclaimed.

Dr. Fuller said, "What we know is that when we're angry we do not problem solve well, and unfortunately this is one of those situations."

"You don't put your snow on my property!" a man exclaimed. This guys needs to, well, chill. He accused his neighbor of dumping snow on his property.

There are ways to deal with snow rage.

Dr. Fuller added, "Relaxation. Learning how to communicate in an effective manner and not become aggressive. And finally, looking at our thinking and trying to change the thinking so we can become more cooperative."

As for this showdown in the snow? Police say they're are investigating.