'We're All Going To Die!' Mom, Daughter Trapped In Apartment Fire. Dogs Thrown Out Window.

This family would do anything to save their dogs, but you won't believe how they actually did it.

It was pure drama as a woman hung out of her apartment window for dear life. Her building was engulfed in flames. She was trapped inside with her 67-year-old mother and her two dogs.   

In a call to 911, the daughter said: “I can't breathe.”
911 operator: “Are you inside now?”
Daughter: “Yes. We are dying.”

In the call, the mother could be heard screaming, “Help us!”

911 operator: “Is it you? Your mom? Who else is inside?”
Daughter: “Just me and my mom. Help us, please!”
911 operator: They are on the way.”
Daughter: “We're all going to die!" 

Police and firefighters rushed to the scene and the entire rescue unfolded on a cop’s body camera.  

A large garbage dumpster was dragged below the window.  A moment later, the woman in the window threw out her dog. The pooch was carried off and then, out the window, a second dog was thrown out.

Over the police transmission, an officer said, “We're in rescue mode.”

Then, it came time for the woman to jump.  

An officer said, “You got to be prepared to come out that window.  If you can get out that window, jump into this garbage can.”  

But she was just too terrified to take the leap.  

The officer then said, “Roll out your upper body, ma'am. Come on. There you go. Come on. Jump.  There's padding in there. Where's your mom? Hang on! Hang on!”

Then, two ladders were brought in. The daughter was rescued first. Then out came mom, feet first. She was carried down the ladder.   

Sixty-seven-year old mom Delores Dobbins is grateful to be alive and told INSIDE EDITION, "Before the ladder got there, I didn't think were were going to live through it."

She thanked the firefighters at a ceremony in Modesto, California, on Tuesday.

Jason Wyatt and Jesse Miguel are the firefighters who put everything on the line to make the rescue

Wyatt told INSIDE EDITION, "The whole front side of the structure was just a big ball of flames. The daughter was already straddling the window, she was halfway in, halfway out."

Miguel then said, "We kind of improvised on the go, it is what we are used to. Basically, it was how fast we could get them out."