Where Was Security? U.S. Ambassador To South Korea - Day After Knife Attack

North Korea calls the attack a 'shower of justice.'

We're learning new details about the shocking knife attack on an American diplomat.

Blood gushed from U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert after he was slashed on the face and arm while attending a breakfast meeting in Seoul, South Korea.

He was heard saying on video, "I need an ambulance fast! Get me to the hospital!"

Just seconds after the terrifying assault, the ambassador was rushed from the room as his crazed attacker was subdued by security.

Blood could be seen splattered all over the table and a ten-inch knife was used in the attack.

Now many are asking: 'How could it happen?'

Author Ronald Kessler told INSIDE EDITION, "There's really no fool-proof way to protect an ambassador unlike a president. You wouldn't have metal detectors screenings at events like this."

The ambassador was rushed to a nearby hospital. Today, he is heavily bandaged. Doctors needed 80 stitches to close his wounds.

He was heard saying, "I'm OK. I'm OK."

The 42-year-old Lippert is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, and long-time foreign policy aide to President Obama, who named him U.S. Ambassador just five months ago.

His crazed attacker screamed that North and South Korea should be reunified before slashing the ambassador.

Naturally, North Korea and notorious boy dictator, Kim Jong-Un, are calling the attack a "shower of justice," and, "righteous punishment."

But, the brave ambassador wasn't fazed. He just tweeted: "Doing well & in great spirits! Will be back ASAP."