Audible Gasp Fills The Courtroom As Jodi Arias Hears Her Fate

"They bent over and cried out in pain."

Convicted murderer Jodi Arias will not be put to death!

The judge stated, "At this time, the court is declaring a mistrial."

With those words, the fate of the woman who brutally murdered her boyfriend was sealed because for the second time a jury could not reach a unanimous verdict over the death penalty!

As Judge Sherry K. Stephens spoke, the relatives of the murder victim broke down crying. The sound of sobbing filled the Arizona courtroom and Arias looked distressed as she stood with a hand to her cheek.

HLN host Nancy Grace told INSIDE EDITION, "You could hear Travis Alexander's family gasp, you could see them see them bent over in half, crying out in pain! If you're going to have the death penalty, Jodi Arias is the perfect candidate!"

Nancy Grace was shocked by this turn of events.

Arias' lawyer shared a comforting hug with Arias, who was convicted for the 2008 murder of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, who was shot in the forehead and nearly decapitated.

Grace added, "Travis was slaughtered! He was stabbed 29 times!"

The killer spoke just one word in court.

The judge asked her, "Miss Arias, you have a right to have a pre-sentence report prepared, your attorney is indicating you wish to waive that right - is that correct?"

Arias responded, "Yes."

Travis Alexander's loved ones looked devastated as they left the courthouse. Now, the only options for Arias are life in prison or 25-years-to-life. Meaning, she could one day walk free.

Grace concluded, "Many people have asked, 'Will we ever see Jodi Arias stroll out of jail?' Never say never."