911 Call Reveals Leonard Nimoy's Widow's Strength And Grace

Calm, collected, and in control, Susan Bay, stood by and helped her husband until the end.

The 911 call made by the wife of beloved actor Leonard Nimoy has just been released.

The 911 operator asked: “Does he take any medication?”

Nimoy’s wife, Susan Bay said, “He has his nurse on the way and should be there shortly.”

The call was made February 19, the 83-year-old Star Trek legend had been battling COPD for many years.

The operator told her, “The paramedics are on the way. Just keep him comfortable. No food or drink. They'll be there shortly. And follow and doctor's instructions, ok?"

She responded, "Ok.”

Nimoy was rushed to the hospital. He died at home eight days later.

Nimoy's wife, actress Susan Bay, sounded remarkably calm during the call. She could be heard talking to her husband’s nurse on a second phone.

Bay said to the nurse, “Please get over here. I have 911 on the other line.”

The widow, who married Nimoy in 1989, greeted mourners at his funeral, which was held Sunday.

Leonard Nimoy is survived by two children, a step-son, and six grandchildren.