These 7 Tips Could Save Your Life When Stranded In A Snowy Traffic Jam

You must read these life saving tips before you travel in the snow.

INSIDE EDITION is now hearing what it was like for the thousands of people stranded for up to 24 hours on Kentucky interstates.

Many drivers are posting photos of their predicament on social media and made video diaries of the agonizing experience as traffic was backed up 60 miles.

One driver said in a video, "It was a very, very cold night."

Patrick and Sue Ellen Kilgallon, along with their dogs, were  at a standstill for 16 agonizing hours.

Patrick told INSIDE EDITION, “All we had was a pack of crackers and a couple waters in the car which we rationed in the night.”  

Jordan and Christine Bishop survived on gummy candy and chips.

Jacqueline Jackson, the wife of civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, got stuck en route to Selma, Alabama for the 50th anniversary of the historic march.

She said, "I was wondering if we were all going to perish. Other people were just running out of gas having medical emergencies." [Source: WHAS-TV]

Many couldn't understand why emergency personnel never came to their assistance.

Jordan Bishop told INSIDE EDITION, "It's frustrating, I don't understand why they couldn't clear the roads quicker."

Patrick Kilgallon made light of the situation, saying, "It is something we will never forget, that is for sure."

His wife echoed his comments and said, "We are creating memories."

Ice caused accidents everywhere. A car in St. Louis slid out-of-control and crashed into a barrier by the side of the road.

A reporter in Arkansas was live on the air when the van behind her went into a spin.

Meanwhile, cranes lifted the Delta jet that skidded off an icy runway at New York’s LaGuardia Airport after Thursday’s near disaster.    

The plane was carrying 133 people, only six suffered minor injuries. 

Here are seven tips that could keep you safe when stuck in a snowy traffic jam:

  • Have a shovel
  • Keep a flashlight
  • Have bottled water
  • Have snacks
  • Have blankets
  • Keep a fully charged cell phone
  • Keep a battery powered radio in the car

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