'Exasperated Boy' Reacts to Arrival of His New Brother

When his mom told him she was pregnant, he flipped out and it went viral. Now, Trey is reacting to his new brother's arrival.

Remember the exasperated boy? Trey Hart was exasperated when his mom broke the news that he was going to be a big brother for the second time.

In a video, his mom, Shanee, said, “I’m pregnant!”

Little Trey replied, “What was you thinking? Why you want to get another baby, you just had two? Why do you want to get another baby and replace one of your babies if it's too much?”

Even after his mom tried to reassure him, he wasn’t buying it.

Trey asked, “What kind of baby is that?”

“I don’t know. It might be a boy, it might be a girl,” Shaneesaid.

Trey replied, “Boys crying is even worse!”

The video became an internet sensation with three million views.

INSIDE EDITION has followed Shanee throughout her pregnancy. We were with her for her first ultrasound last December.

Five days ago, Shanee and William Hart welcomed an adorable baby boy named Caleb, weighing in at eight pounds, three ounces.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked Trey, "Are you still exasperated?" 

Trey replied, "A little bit, but most of all happy!"