Chopper Zoey Tur Retraces Harrison Ford's Plane Crash Path From The Sky

A detailed account of Harrison Ford's path before plane crash.

INSIDE EDITION asked chopper Zoey Tur to retrace Harrison Ford's fateful flight.   Her helicopter flew off from Santa Monica airport, the same used by Harrison Ford on his fateful flight.

Tur reported from the sky, "This is exactly what Harrison Ford would have seen, everything was going just  fine at this point, the engine was running.  Once Harrison Ford reached the Penmar golf course the engine quit, fuel starvation. At that point, Tur said Harrison Ford had an opportunity. The best opportunity for survival was to continue on and make an emergency off airport landing."

Ford had just second to act. According to Chopper Zoey, he made a mistake that could have proved fatal.

Tur said, "Unfortunately, Harrison Ford apparently did what may pilots have done in the past, and that is to make a 180 to try to make it back to the airport but this is very rarely ever successful and usually ends in disaster."

At this point, there was just one option for Ford.

"Given his altitude, there was no way to make it back to the airport. He made a 180 with the wind against his back. He continued on to the golf course striking some trees and making a very hard landing."

Catastrophies avoided, barely.

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